Weekend Speakers & Performers (In progress)


Ana Estevez, Piqui's Mom, Keynote Speaker

In April 2016, Ana Estevez was involved in a "contentious"

 divorce trying to protect her son Piqui due to threats made by her ex-husband. She  begged the court for supervised visits.  All of her requests were denied.  Piqui, her son, subsequently was brutally murdered by his father.  Ever since, from DC to Sacramento, Ana has triumphantly spread awareness about child safety and the need for systemic changes in family court and child protective services.  In 2019, Ana received the prestigious California Woman of the Year Award!  She has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and Good Day LA to continue her mission.


Kathy Sherlock, Kaden's Mom, Activist

A registered nurse from Philadephia, Kathy Sherlock fought tirelessly to protect her daughter Kayden from her violent father after their divorce, but the courts would not listen. The judge ignored Kathy’s pleas and Kayden was tragically murdered by her father in an August 2018 murder-suicide. Kathy has been a courageous child safety advocate this past year, creating #KaydensKorner as a testament to her daughter and the more than 700 children whose lives have been needlessly lost in a national family court crisis that must be fixed. Kathy has done numerous media interviews and is advocating for lasting change in the court system, especially in her home state of Pennsylvania, where she is working to introduce Kayden’s Law.  Photo Credit: RealWomanOnline


Patti Giggans, Peace Over Violence

Since 1985, Patti Giggans has been the Executive Director of Peace Over Violence, a nonprofit social service agency based in Los Angeles dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence. She has co-authored In Touch With Teens, Women’s Self-Defense and Safety: An Empowerment and Resiliency Model, and When Dating Becomes Dangerous (Hazelden). She is a recipient of the California Peace Prize.


Jody Barnes, LCSW, RYT

  Jody Barnes has over 17 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. Her passion is helping women and mothers to increase their ability to create more self-care and self-love.  Her career has focused on working with survivors of trauma to help them work through painful life experiences that often leave an imprint on their sense of safety and well-being. She has been an honored speaker at the 2018 California Marriage and Family Therapy Advancing the Art and Science of Psychotherapy Conference as well as the 2019 National Child Advocacy Center’s 35th International Symposium on Child Abuse.


Payal Sinha, Peace Over Violence

Payal serves as the Managing Attorney of the Legal Advocacy Project at Peace Over Violence.  She has represented low income, undocumented survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other violent crimes in their immigration matter as well as in restraining orders cases. She currently work on expanding on-campus sexual assault project at the agency and provides technical assistance on such issues that mainly deals with youth complaints of dating violence as well as sexual misconduct. Payal also serves as a President-Elect at the South Asian Bar Association- Public Interest Law Foundation Board and Board Secretary at the International Law Journal.  She worked with Women in Policy Institute on two-state bills, this year that includes AB 865 on providing training for service providers who care for commercially sexually exploited children and SB 493 to provide more structure and uniform process at the higher education level.


Hon. DeAnn Salcido, [Ret.]

A retired San Diego County Superior Court Judge, DeAnn Salcido is a second-generation trial attorney having followed in the footsteps of her father, Richard R. Castillo.  After serving eight years on the bench in family and criminal court, DeAnn is a tireless, dedicated advocate for court reform, especially in the family court arena.  She speaks nationally on television, radio, and film documentaries about the pervasive problems in family court that exist for unwitting citizens.


Dianne Bartlow, Ph.D., Cal. State University, Northridge

Dianne Bartlow  is a Professor in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at California State University, Northridge. Her research focuses on representations of African-American women in popular music, culture, and film, 19th century Black Feminism, pedagogy and diversity,  mothering and, violence against women. Dr. Bartlow has also worked extensively in television production and is a multiple Emmy Award winning director/writer/producer. She teaches courses on Women and Violence, Men and Masculinity, and Women and Entertainment among  others. Dr. Bartlow’s publications include: “Judicial Response to Court-Assisted Child Murders,”  in Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody  (2nd edition), edited by Mo Therese Hannah and Barry Goldstein (Civic Research Institute, 2016). She is co-author, with Barry Goldstein, of “Childproofing Custody Courts: What Can Be Learned From Child Murders Related to Custody Cases," also  in  Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody (2nd edition), edited by Mo Therese Hannah and Barry Goldstein (Civic Research Institute, 2016). She  is currently developing the documentaries Family Court in Crisis , and New Agenda: African-American Women and Music.




Marivic Mabanag, Center for Judicial Excellence

Marivic, a committed CJE Board Member, has over 35 years of experience working for the nonprofit, public and private sectors.  As a nationally recognized policy leader, activist and social entrepreneur, she has served on the staff of four Mayors, as the Chief Executive of the California State Domestic Violence Coalition and she has started programs for homeless young women and worked on statewide youth violence prevention initiatives. Originally from the Philippines, Marivic Mabanag came to the U.S. when she received a scholarship to Wellesley College in Massachusetts and where she was selected as the Commencement Speaker.  Marivic is the Co-Founder of the Filipino-American DemocraticCaucus of the California Democratic Party.  She continues to be involved in various national initiatives for theempowerment of minorities, women and youth.


Eve Sheedy, Los Angeles County D.V. Council

As the Executive Director, Eve leads the County’s Domestic Violence coalition comprised of survivors, community-based organizations and public agencies whose work touches the lives of survivors of domestic violence, their families and those who cause harm.  In addition to overseeing the coalition, the Office of the Domestic Violence Council works to address domestic violence as a public health issue, provide support for those providing domestic violence related services throughout Los Angeles County and collect reliable data about domestic violence in Los Angeles.  Eve is a licensed California attorney and has practiced criminal defense and prosecution, civil litigation, First Amendment and privacy and civil appeals.  She obtained her law degree from Boston University School of Law, attended Haverford College as a member of the first group of matriculating women.  


Betsy Salkind, Los Angeles Comedian

The Boston Globe said, "there are countless ways to make someone laugh, and Betsy Salkind knows most of them.” Best known as 'Squirrel Lady,' Betsy has appeared on Girls Night Out, Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,and most recently, Fierce Funny Womenon SHOWTIME. She was also a staff writer for Roseanne and Saturday Night Special. A lifelong activist, Betsy lobbied and organized for the National Association to Protect Children,and was instrumental in changing California law to offer equal protection to children sexually abused by family members. 


Kathleen Russell, Center for Judicial Excellence

Kathleen is the Founding Executive Director of the Center for Judicial Excellence (CJE) in Marin County, California. Kathleen advocates on behalf of CJE for legislative and administrative changes that will promote judicial accountability and better protect children’s and vulnerable populations rights in the courts.  She works extensively with the news media to expose the national family court crisis that is devastating millions of families. Kathleen co-directed and produced the 2008 award-winning documentary Family Court Crisis: Our Children At Risk and served as the creative director and writer for the companion photo exhibit entitled Family Court Crisis: Surviving A Broken System. She also produced the CJE video project, Kids of Divorce Speak Out. 


Catherine Campbell, California Protective Parents

  Catherine started her career in marketing and communications with Disney, Ogilvy & Mather, Chiat Day, and Agency.com. As part of her role to advocate for change as a protective parent, she is on her county’s task force to end sexual abuse. She is also bringing abuse training to the schools and involved in opening a Child Advocacy Center. She has helped lead efforts to pass child safety on the federal and state levels with California Protective Parents Association, and has volunteered to serve those who have experienced divorce and abuse trauma in the home.